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  1. Seiko Astron GPS Solar World Time SSE109J1 mens watch Two new Seiko Astron GPS Solar World Time SSE109J1 watch watches. Previously, the Spring Drive movement was only found in the Credor, Grand Seiko and Propex series. Today, the new Presage wristwatch is a perfect blend of Spring Drive and traditional craftsmanship. The dial is black and white, created by famous singer Yokozawa and his team. The neat and slightly retro dial design is a design studio designed by Watanabe, a Japanese industrial designer. The pointer and hour markers contrast sharply with the dial and provide excellent interpretation. The Arabic numerals in the "Didoni" font are also the favorite of Watanabe's heart. It is noteworthy that the date display is skillfully integrated into the design of the dial. The date wheel matches the dial color, the outer border compares, and the date number matches the weight of other Didoni font numbers. Because of the Spring Drive Calibre 5R65 core, the dial uses a familiar layout, and power storage instructions are set at 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock, which is the symbol of Spring Drive core. Like standard Presage automatic watches, Spring Drive watches are equipped with stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. But compared with other Presage models, the ears of this watch are more slender and angular, perfectly matching the simple color and simple lines of the case. These astronomical GPS solar watches are inspired by the Earth we live on. In order to determine its position and maintain the accuracy of the atomic clock, astronomy must receive signals from at least four GPS satellites at an altitude of about 20,000 km. Track. The challenge, of course, is power. It's necessary to generate 10,000 times more power than standard quartz watches, about 200 times as much as radio-controlled best luxury watches. In the process of research and development, after six years of efforts, Seiko has finally successfully developed a highly designed GPS module, specially designed watches, hunting signals, without wasting energy to track satellite reception conditions. In this way, the new Seiko Astronomical GPS module achieves amazing power savings, about one fifth of the power of the traditional GPS module. It does not need external power supply and is completely self-sufficient. Using only the power of light, it connects to the GPS network and tells the accuracy of the atomic clock. It can adjust the time by pressing a button, all 39 time zones on the earth. It took nearly 10 years to create a new Seiko Astronomy and its advanced functions, packaged in watches, which look beautiful and wear comfortably. Like its outstanding predecessor, the first quartz watch in 1969, the new astronomical GPS solar energy will change the world to tell time. In order to develop astronomy, Seiko has developed some new technologies and applied for more than 100 patent applications. Only Seiko best swiss replica watches can provide what kind of international travelers have always wanted to see the table, understand and adjust the time zone. Next, the largest sub-series is the "dress style" of eight models. The sub-series is characterized by black dials (except cream dials), mainly ivory, old fluorescent pointers and time markers. Some styles use Milan bracelets, highlighting the retro appearance, which is the first appearance of Seiko 5 Sports series. As the name implies, "Street style" (including 3 styles) is specially designed for street dress. On this topic, this sub-series is similar to the 2016 Seiko x Nano. universe collaboration model, which is an all-black appearance with contrasting Lumi Brite fluorescence. "Professional Style" (including 3 models) is the most "ordinary" sub-series using traditional color matching scheme and decoration process, one of which is gold-plated case. The unique feature of this watch is that it is the only one with a silicone suede (crocodile print) strap. "Emotional Style" is the smallest sub-series, only two. The name of the sub-series sounds a bit strange and has a very unusual style. The dials of these two watches are decorated with irregular textures and imaginative color combinations: one with a green dial and an orange second hand, the other with a brown dial and a turquoise second hand. With solar energy, no battery replacement is required, and all pilots' watches are accurate and reliable. The new radio wave motion is more powerful, it can receive time signals in a wider geographical area than in the past. The coverage of China and Europe has been greatly enhanced and is applicable to the United States and Japan.Seiko best seiko watch has introduced three new wireless Sync Solar World Time Chronographers with 100,000 errors per second.